Advancing Ethical Leadership
Nabeel Al-Azami
(1980 - 2019)
Who was Nabeel?
Nabeel was a community leader, activist, author and award winning Human Resource and leadership specialist. Despite leaving us at the tender age of 39, Nabeel’s work touched people of all generations over several decades. Nabeel loved to invest his time in mentoring young people. Through his gentle conversations, challenging and reflective training sessions, practical advice and support, his insights have shaped many minds and characters.
Nabeel's Contribution to the Community

Among the many community roles that Nabeel played are:

  • Serving on the National Executive Committee of the Young Muslim Organisation (YMO) in the 1990s.
  • Trustee of Citizens UK
  • Member of the Central Working Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain, initiating an Institutional Capacity Building Initiative (ICBI) for affiliates and wider Muslim organisations
  • CIPD award winning Global Head of HR at Islamic Relief
  • Founding director of Murabbi Consulting (A management and leadership training consultancy)

Upon diagnosis of an aggressive cancer in March 2019, Nabeel displayed selfless courage and immediately turned to leaving a legacy and sadaqa al-jariya to benefit society. It was from his hospital bed that he would complete his groundbreaking book.

Nabeel passed away on August 14th 2019, at the age of 39. He is survived by his wife, three young children, father and siblings. His life was one of commitment to society and contentment in his Lord. We are thankful to Allah for the gift of a generous, patient and wise mentor, and the profound vision and work he left behind.