Advancing Ethical Leadership
Advancing Ethical Leadership
The Nabeel Foundation works towards developing ethical leadership for a better tomorrow
Producing innovative research in ethical leadership
Lectures, seminar and ethical leadership training
Nabeel's legacy
Nabeel Al-Azami (1980-2019) was a visionary who went beyond the Muslim community, to show the world how Muhammad (s) transformed society through prophetic leadership. The Nabeel Foundation has been set up to honour his legacy and as a channel to continue his pioneering work. The Nabeel Foundation will promote the advancement of education, research and training in the field of ethical leadership.
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Nabeel Al-Azami
John Adair
It is an honour and my pleasure to be Patron for the Nabeel Foundation. The Foundation will make a significant contribution to nurturing those ‘good leaders and leaders for good’ that our fractured world needs so much.
Prof. John Adair
Our Work
Last Ramadan, on the first anniversary of the publication of Nabeel’s groundbreaking book ‘Muhammad: 11 leadership qualities that changed the world’, the family, friends and students of Nabeel set up a Launchgood appeal to raise funds to establish the Nabeel Foundation for Ethical Leadership. Over 2000 supporters put their faith in us and donated almost £23,000. Since then we have held a series of consultations with over 100 elders, colleagues, mentors and friends of Nabeel to help inform our vision and strategy. We have delivered training in prophetic leadership and are currently in the process of finalising a partnership with the Federation of Student Islamic Societies to deliver training to their core team and affiliates.
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